There are certain things that are always hanging on my heart: bottles of “fantasy water” and tributes before the shrine in my grandma’s house. In this installation I want to show that the magical powers in my own life do not just come from intangible deities. I am also hesitant about the efficacy of the spiritualized “fantasy water” at different levels: does it have the power to positively affect the environment that we live in, and that we always experience as full of hope and despair at the same time? The installation reminds us that what is present here is not necessarily perfect “fantasy water,” and I hope that viewers can explore this ambiguous experience as some kind of storytelling relying on the human touch.

The work consists of a wooden pool with a water circulation timing system, a floating spherical bead string device with 27+“1” beads, two objects:  ‘Magic Finger’ and ‘Borrowing the hand from Deity’ and two videos. It demonstrates through an amusement park with childlike colorful devices below people’s sight. All these intentions are to express my doubts about the perception of things in the cultural background where I grew up in a humorous or even ironic way. 


plywood, oak, aluminium foil, steel, epoxy, latex, polymer, artificial plant, acrylic paint

 Video, 3’28”

My grandmother was a devout Buddhist. What impressed me most in my childhood was Buddhism related things covering the home, especially her room. when I stepped in, sacrificial vessels, books, and food were everywhere in the smoggy house. Growing in such an environment, I have been believing that “water” has mysterious power. In particular, the “fairy water” in the quilt which is placed on the stage all the year round made me believe that this “water” can cure all kinds of diseases with just a sip. How can I define the value of the abstract folk beliefs of human beings and even society? When we see this phenomenon is filled in every corner of our lives as a declaration between things and human body, what kind of mentality do we use to interact between this visible creator and invisible spiritual force?

You burnt my time, made it disappear.
You’ve given me a taste so now i’ll sniff out your blood.
Recall how you looked, what silvery words you used and perhaps who you are?
Perhaps I will draw your weakness out and ruin your saving.
Enigmatic, glowing soul. I will shape you, and mould you out of your territory.

Installation, projector with animation, steel, wooden frame, pedant with photos, silicone, acrylic paint